Floral Art Prints

Welcome! Our stunning collection of floral art prints are designed to reveal all the secrets of the flower. The artistry in this collection draws the observer in and is likely to elicit an emotional response. The definition and detail in Chris’ prints leave so little to the imagination, it is as if the flower has had the privacy afforded by her smallness ripped away, and as a result she is laid bare for all the world to devour. Gazing at these prints, you can feel the softness of the petal, the strength of the upright stamen; you can see her blood pumping through the veins.

Our floral art prints are available on two types of paper: acid free 100% archival rag paper, and on glossy photography paper.  Not all our flower photographs are available on both, as sometimes the medium simply does not lend itself to satisfactory color reproduction.

Shipping is free in the continental 48 United States. If you would like a size not listed in the Store, feel free to send an inquiry and we’ll look at options. All photographs on this website are copyrighted 2020 Chris Hewitt.

Red Passion Flower - Floral Art Prints
Red Passion Flower
Monarch In The Clouds - Floral Art Prints
Monarch In The Clouds
Lily Grilley - Floral Art Prints
Lily Grilley
Akita Dahlia - Floral Art Prints
Akita Dahlia
April Dawn - Floral Art Prints
April Dawn
Alpen Diamond - Floral Art Prints
Alpen Diamond
Burgundy Wine Daylily - Floral Art Prints
Burgundy Wine Daylily
Daylily On Black - Floral Art Prints
Daylily On Black
Heart Pumping Afternoon - Floral Art Prints
Heart Pumping Afternoon
Sunny Daylily - Floral Art Prints
Sunny Daylily
Miss Molly - Floral Art Prints
Miss Molly
Midnight Star - Floral Art Prints
Midnight Star
Just Peachy - Floral Art Prints
Just Peachy
Ginger Snap - Floral Art Prints
Ginger Snap
Fireflash Chrysanthemum - Floral Art Prints
Fireflash Chrysanthemum
Endearing Ellen - Floral Art Prints
Endearing Ellen
Daylily with Raindrops - Floral Art Prints
Daylily with Raindrops
Red Velvet - Floral Art Prints
Red Velvet
Wolfe Laurel Daylily - Floral Art Prints
Wolfe Laurel Daylily
Ruby Petals - Floral Art Prints
Ruby Petals
Warm Red Daylily - Floral Art Prints
Warm Red Daylily
Show N Tell - Floral Art Prints
Show ‘N’ Tell
Wacky Dragon - Floral Art Prints
Wacky Dragon
Verrones Morning Star - Floral Art Prints
Verrones Morning Star
Valley Rustbucket - Floral Art Prints
Valley Rustbucket
Tom Pearce - Floral Art Prints
Tom Pearce

Floral Art Prints

Chris Hewitt’s first love has always been photography. Flower photography has become central to Chris’ interests since 2003. Some of his accomplishments include an membership in the following “Invitation Only” photography websites:

  • WNC_Photographers
  • The Very Best of Simply Flowers
  • Flikr Bronze Trophy Group
  • The Best of We All Love Flowers

We thank Blue Ridge Daylilies in Alexander, NC which has been especially relevant to Chris quest to reveal the intimate secrets of the flower. As the owners grew to appreciate Chris’ work, they allowed him to wander through their farm with photography gear in tow, to capture the vital essence of the daylily. Most of Chris’ daylily floral art prints are from the the Blue Ridge Daylilies farm, and his most favorite places to shoot because of the great quantities and varieties of daylilies. They have in fact, Western North Carolina’s largest selection of premium quality daylilies, featuring the hybrids of Robert Selman and Eric Simpson.

Artist’s Statement:

“I love using photography to help people see the intricate beauty of nature, and by extension, the beauty of themselves. I specialize in photographing the natural world of flowers and landscapes, and documenting the natural process of decay as it affects all the things man has laid his hands on. The goal of my work is to foster an appreciation of the nature of the Universe, as she puts forth beauty without measure while simultaneously reclaiming all that we try to build up.”
~ Chris Hewitt

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